Recorded : July 21 1982

Venue : Old Waldorf, SF CA

Radio Broadcast : July 21 1982, KFJC Los Altos, CA

Lineup : Craig Gray - guitar

             Paul Hood -  guitar

             Jonathan Henrikson - Bass

            Tim Mooney - Drums

            Ricky Williams - Vocals

Live Mix : Tom Mallon

Cover Art : Kim Seltzer

Release : CDR 2004 buy here

               Digital download Dec 7 2012 buy here

               Vinyl LP Ektro Records Sept 20, 2013

                buy from Europe here


Side One

     1.     India

     2.     Trauma Girl

     3.     Shooting Gallery

     4.     Again

     5.     Destiny

Side Two

     1.     Before Trust

     2.     Wishful Thinking

     3.     DJMC

     4.     Big Surprise

     5.     Walk On Jesus

     6.     General Echo

My girlfriend was in jail and I was driving a hot car. The previous week had involved an Iranian prince, fake cops, real cops, extortion

and illicit substances. We were opening for Nico who showed up with no money for her cab. I lost to her playing pool. Ricky arrived halfway through the first song with a stack of magazines under his arm, dropped them on the stage and started singing.