As Aaron said in his liner notes the songs on this were recorded in two sessions and one accident, the first session was at my apartment on the 4th floor of a building at Clay and Leavenworth. We could see south, 101 in the distance. Aaron had brought over his 4 track to my house and set up. We had a synth, a roland drum thingy, Paul’s Roland Cube amp and , of course, guitars. Tim was there with the first Lisa, Paul, Aaron, me, my brother Jason and I don’t remember where Jonathan was. Why Tim didn’t play on anything I don’t know, I know we wanted him to, not drums, just anything. He didn’t though. Obviously, Before Trust became Before Trust on Deadbeats and Pre Wishful, Wishful Thinking on Sea of Unrest.

During the making of Sea of Unrest Ricky had started seeing a woman who worked at Rough Trade. She lived in a warehouse space at 5th and Clara Streets with David Paul who experimented with 4 track recording. We spent a lot of nights there recording. When Ricky wasn’t singing he sat at the kitchen table cutting up magazines or reading from the 2 books he was carrying at the time, the bible and some Alestier Crowley tome. Most of the time it was just me, Paul and Ricky.

The accident was Paul and his ghetto blaster. As far as I remember there were no microphones at China Blue (where we rehearsed at 2nd and King). My amp was on one side of the room, Paul’s was on the other and his ghetto blaster was turned sideways between us on a crate. The train Paul recorded was the southbound Cal Trans train arriving at Menlo Park station. The idea to combine them came from Paul. The story is this, we were playing at the Farm and a couple of songs into the set my guitar started to fail. Paul, who had taken acid before the show without telling anybody, walked over, handed me his guitar and disappeared into the audience. A song or two later I began to hear a rumbling which got louder and louder. It was the train tape. I looked up to see Paul standing a few people back, grinning madly. An idea was born.