Dec 24, 2012

I can't talk about Annie without talking about Tim, they were a pair. We met Annie when we played in Portland in August 1983. Gun Club were in town as well with a day off and asked if they could open. Annie was in the band at the time and she and Tim got talking after the show.

  We made a trip to LA in the late summer of 83 to play the Anti Club.  Annie was a friend of friends. Tim got in touch. Through various drama's and drugs, we ended up playing the show at the Anti Club as a 3 guitar band with Annie.

  She added a shimmer to our sound, a fluidity in between my rhythms and Paul's noises.

  Real life was not her friend. At the time Tim was easily led by women. She led him down a dark path. The Midgets were not unaffected. The recording of the Deadbeats EP was difficult because of it. The band fell apart as Paul and Aaron quit. Then Annie and Tim fled to Amsterdam.

I don't think I talked to her at all after that, I heard about her now and then, rarely good. When I heard she had died I was not surprised, she'd had a hard time but was glad to hear she was back near her family.                                                                 CG2013

We all met on a NW tour. She seemed oddball, and had an artistic sensibility. Annie played guitar in a band called Gun Cub.

Unfortunately, Annie will always remind me of heroin and the bands unhealthy relationships with people and drugs in those months.

As we were recording our second record, Annie's status as a band member was assumed by some, but not all. Communication was not our strong suit at that point. It was decided that Annie was not going to be a member of the Toiling Midgets. So Tim decided he was not going to be a member Toiling Midgets either.

It was just a simple as that. The had a hotel room together for a while before leaving town.

I don't think I ever saw Annie clean after that and when I heard stories about her later on they were always bad. 

                                                                     Paul Hood May 2013