Polaroids by Debi Sou in the basement of the Roosevelt. The first gig was as a trio.

First Toiling Midgets Demo

Recorded : April 27 1980

Studio : Tom Mallon’s apartment, SF

Engineer : Tom Mallon

Producer : Tom Mallon and band

Lineup : Craig Gray - Guitar, piano

            Paul Hood - Guitar, piano

            Jonathan Henrikson - Bass

            Tim Mooney - Drums

Tracks : Warehouse

             Paul’s Song

             Do the Incendiary

             New Room


             It’s Not Home

Mix : Tom Mallon and band

Release : Digital download, buy here

              2006 CDR by band Out of Print

Paul was the one who heard about Tom. A singer he knew had recorded with Tom. The price was right and the arrangements were made. It was done on April  27th 1980, Nosmo King's 18th birthday. Tim, Paul and I arrived at about 11 am. Tom set up Paul in the bathroom, the rest of us in a back room. We did one take of each song, overdubs and then Tom did mixes. Tom let Paul and I mix Aquadub. There were no effects. Tim slept through the mixing. Nosmo had to go have dinner with his family. We left at 7pm.  

Craig Gray, Tim Mooney, Jonathan Henrickson 1980.

First Toiling Midgets gig. Paul Hood was there but did not play