Recorded : 1981 - 1983

Studio : Mallon Studio, 2nd and Bryant, SF CA

Engineer : Tom Mallon

Producer : Tom Mallon and band

Lineup : Craig Gray - guitar

            Paul Hood - guitar

            Annie Unger - guitar

            Jonathan Henrikson - Bass

            Aaron Gregory - Bass

            Tim Mooney - Drums

            Ricky Williams - Vocals

Mix : Tom Mallon

LP Released : 1985 Thermidor vinyl OOP

EP Released : June 30 2015 buy here


Side One

     1.     Caverns (Gray)

     2.     Do the Incendiary (Gray/Henrickson)

     3.     Dollhouse Bricks (Gray)

     4.     Funk Song (Toiling Midgets)

     5.     Desperation (Gray/Belfer)

     6.     Before Trust (Gray)

Side Two

     1.     Black Idol (Gray)

     2.     She’s Fun (Belfer/Gray/Williams)

     3.     California (Gray/Mooney)

     4.     Preludes (Toiling Midgets)


     1.     Caverns (Gray)

     2.     Richard Speck (Unger)

     3.     Before Trust (Gray)

     4.     Black Idol (Gray)

     5.     Night Science/Preludes

It was 1983 and Aaron Gregory had been playing bass with us for a few months. We had added Annie Unger on 3rd guitar. Tim and Annie were an item. I was now working at Rough Trade. Paul and Kim were having problems. It was a tumultous time in Midgetland and we were starting to drift apart. But still, we were rehearsing in the back of Rough Trade and writing the new songs that we thought would be our next record. We played a couple of shows. When we played at the Stone they told us we were the worst thing they had ever heard and we would never play there again. We never did and maybe we were. Rough Trade payed for us to go into Tom’s and do a demo for them. They didn’t like it. Anne Lehman, Steve Montgomery and the band came up with the money to finish the recordings . These sessions, while fruitful, were extremely difficult. We recorded eight songs, Night Science (Preludes), Train Song, Before Trust, Integration, Caverns, Black Idol, Ricard Speck and The Ones We Said. The EP was  to be the four songs that are on the LP plus Richard Speck, a song Annie wrote.  Rough Trade didn’t want it but a label called Thermidor did, only they wanted an LP. The band had broken up by late 83 so Tom and I picked the tracks but did not use Annie’s track as we didn’t have permission. I don’t think any of the other tracks were finished or mixed. I would walk to Tom’s or he would pick me up at Rough Trade in his VW with no seats. His studio was a calm place in a maelstrom and I would fall asleep listening to Tom mix and airing his dissapointment in me.  The final mixes were done by Tom alone in Febuary 1984 as I was in the UK by then. I don’t know what involvement the rest of the band had. It didn’t sell very well.  

In  June of 2015 the Deadbeats EP was released in it’s originally intended form. The tracks were remixed and Richard Speck was added.