Recorded : 1990

Studio : Tom Mallon’s Studio, Bryant St, SF

Producer : Tom Mallon

Lineup : Craig Gray - acoustic guitar, piano

             Paul Hood - electric guitar

             Karl  Joe Goldring - bass, 12 string electric guitar

             Mary Redfield - viola

             Tom Mallon - drums

             Ricky Williams - vocals, beer can

Mix : Tom Mallon

Release : June 28 2017 Buy here

There were 8 tracks recorded, they are in alpabetical order:

     1.     Big Suprise (Gray/Mooney/Williams)

     2.     Chains  (Gray/Williams)

     3.     The DJ is Wrong  (Gray/Hood/Mallon/Williams)

     4.     Opus  (Gray/Williams)

     5.     Pumice  (Gray/Williams)

     6.     Splendid  (Gray/Williams)

     7.     Train  (Gray/Williams)

     8.     Why Can’t We (Toiling Midgets)

In the fall of 1990 SON didn’t have a release date even though Matador had the masters. Tim was on tour with AMC, supposedly on loan. We had a gig on Halloween. Tom, Joe and I came up with the idea of getting Ricky and Mary from Wade involved. We rehearsed at Mallon’s studio set up in the control room so it was easy to record the tracks. The songs themselves were a mix of old and new, we didn’t really have time to write a set. At the gig we did Trauma Girl, Hide Your Love Away and Sea of Unrest (w Paul doing other vocal) as well . The music was all done live except The Dj is Wrong. Ricky came in later to do  the main vocals and as usual he was singing to something, this time the little refrigerator Tom had at the studio. Tom also recorded all of the rehearsals in stereo with Ricky on one side and the band on the other so it would be possible to do backing tracks at a later date. This has now happened.