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6 01 2019 - Toiling Midgets announce  the release of the single  "Arachnid" through Green Monkey Records on June 28th. It will be the first single from the LP "Sea of Tranquility" coming in September of 2019. A small tour of Germany and Finland is planned July 25th through Aug 4th.  The Midgets will be recording in Germany with a spring 2020 release and tour in mind.

3 01 2018 - Oakland Live and Paradise Lounge Live now on Bandcamp. Live releases consolidated on Live page.

6 28 2017 - "Little Ricky" now  out on Bandcamp. Link to Kim Seltzer site on ART page

7 12 2015 - Added link to "No Paul No"  live video from Sept 2015 on the video page.

6 30 2015 -  “Deadbeats EP” now on Bandcamp. New link to Soundcloud page.

4 17 2015 - “A Smaller Life” is now available on Bandcamp.

3 10 2015 -  The double LP  “A Smaller Life” is now out and is available from Ektro Rcords here.

1 14 2015 - Live at the IBeam 1991 has been released on Bandcamp.

12 4   2014 - Added link to NY Times Sea of Unrest Review.  Ektro Records has posted a couple of  songs from A Smaller Life, the upcoming Toiling Midgets double LP,  on their Soundcloud page. Added a Smaller Life page.

12 1   2014 - In early 2015 Ektro Records will be releasing a double LP of Toiling Midgets Tracks from 1980 - 2011.

3  26  2014 - On January 9th 2014 at 11 pm Tom Mallon passed away. We are bereft. More about Tom will be added soon.

10 03 2013 - Toiling Midgets : Live at the Old Waldorf now available in the US here.

9  20  2013 - Ektro Records releases  Toiling Midgets : Live at the Old Waldorf on their vinyl only label Full Contact. Buy here.

7  17  2013 - Ektro Records announces the release of  Toiling Midgets : Live at the Old Waldorf  in September. Ektro has posted Destiny and Walk On Jesus from the LP on SoundCloud

7  01  2013 - Jordan Mamone and Ektro Records are coordinating and remastering 1982 Vol 2 Live at the Old Waldorf for vinyl release this fall .

6  14  2013 - Website goes up and 3rd Brain, a guitar only Toiling Midgets album, is released.





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