Recorded : 1980 - 2011

Studios : Mallon ‘s Studio, Grattan St, SF

             Clara Studio, Clara St, SF

             Nob Hill House,  Leavenworth St, SF

             Mallon’s Studio, 2nd St, SF

             Mallon’s Studio, Bryant St SF

             Kennel Club, SF

             Some Club, Oakland

             Matador arranged session, Broadway, NYC

             Mallon Mobile at Lennon Studios, Dore St, SF

Producers : Tom Mallon, Aaron Gregory, David Paul,

                 Toiling Midgets

Lineup : Craig Gray : guitar, tracks 1-3, 5-24; drums, synth, track 4  

                 Paul Hood : guitar, tracks 1-3, 5-24

            Annie Ungar : guitar, tracks 5-6

            Nosmo King : bass, tracks 1-2

            Aaron Gregory : bass, tracks 4-6

            Lisa Davis : bass, tracks 7-11

            Joe Goldring : bass, tracks 12-16  

            Erich Werner : bass, tracks 17-23

            Tim Mooney : drums, tracks 1-2, 5-14

            David Paul : machines, track 4

            Tom Mallon : drums, tracks 15-23

            Mark Sullivan : keyboards, tracks 19-23

            Mary Redfield : viola, track 15

            Joanna Hood : viola, track 18

            Ricky Williams : vocals, tracks 3-4, 14-16

            Mark Eitzel : vocals, tracks 10-11

Engineers : Tom Mallon : tracks 1-2, 5-6, 8-23

                 David Paul : tracks 3-4

                 Aaron Gregory : track 7

                 Craig Gray : track 24

Release : Vinyl -  February 2015 Ektro Records Buy here

               Digital - March 2015  Buy here

Curated by Jordan Mamone

Side A 1980 - 1983

1. Do the Incendiary          (Gray/Henrickson)

Warehouse                   (Gray)

3. If You Choose to Live     (Gray/Hood/Williams)

4. So He Sayeth                (Gray/Hood/Williams)

5. Richard Speck               (Unger)

Caverns II                     (Gray)

Side B 1989 -1992

EQ Plex                        (Gray/Mooney/Davis)

The Brush                      (Gray)

Mr. Spine                     (C Gray/J Gray)

Nadine                       (Gray/Eitzel)

To Die                        (Gray/Eitzel)

Little Charlene             (Gray)

Side C 1991-1996            

Sequence 13              (Goldring/Mooney)

Wolf Blitzer                (Gray/Williams)

Pumice                       (Gray/Williams)

Why                          (Gray/Hood/Mallon/Goldring/Williams)

When                        (Gray/Hood/Mallon/Werner)

Train Set                    (Gray)

Side D 1995 - 2011

No Paul No               (Hood)

Andi                          (Gray)

Clock                        (Gray/Hood/Mallon/Werner/Sullivan)

Yakuza Serenade      (Gray)

Broken                      (Gray)

Burn                          (Gray/Hood)

                                                The names are the same, the dates are fuzzy.

                                                                                               Side A

Tracks 1 and 2 (Incendiary, Warehouse) are from the first demo we did at Tom’s apartment on Grattan in 1980, more here. Six songs mixed and recorded in eight hours. These are the original mixes. 3 and 4 (If You Choose, So He Sayeth) are from the 4 track mind cassette, more here.  Tracks 5 and 6 (Richard Speck, Caverns II) were recorded in 1983 at Mallon’s studio on 2nd street as demos for Rough Trade who decided they didn’t want to do another record.

                                                                                                Side B

Tracks  7, 8 and 9 (EQ Plex, The Brush, Mr Spine) were all recorded by Aaron and Mallon at Mallon’s studio on Bryant St in 1989-90 and were on our pre - SON demo.  10 and 11 (Nadine, To Die) are SON out takes. Track 12 (Little Charlene) is from our Matador NYC sessions from the summer of 1991. We recorded five or six songs, one with Jaqui Dustdevil singing. This session and some tracks we had recorded before going on tour were supposed to make up the next record for Matador. Obviously this never happened.

                                                                                                Side C

Track 13 (Sequence 13) is from a live show at the Kennel club in SF in 1990. Audio was taken from a video of the show.  14 (Wolf Blitzer) is from a live show in Oakland  recorded by Mallon on DAT in early 1991.  This is the last time Ricky and Tim played together. Tracks 15 and 16 are from the Earth/Little Ricky sessions, details here. Track 17  (When) is from 1994  or so, Mallon recorded alot of rehearsals so I’m not sure of the date. It was recorded at Mallon’s studio on Bryant and is probably the only time we played it. Track 18 (Train Set) is from a session in 1996 with Paul’s sister Joanna , details here.


                                                                                                Side D

Tracks 19, 20 and 21 (No Paul No, Andi, Clock) are from the 1995 Total Death sessions, more here.  22 and 23 (Yakuza, Broken) are from the 2011 guerilla recording sessions at Lennon Studios in SF. These are the last recordings Tom Mallon worked and played on. Track 24 (Burn) is from the 2013 digital release 3rd Brain, a guitars only album, details here. Find a video for Burn here, buy 3rd Brain here.

                                  Thanks to Jordan Mamone who started this and Jussi Lehtisalo at Ektro who put it out.

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